Passion, dedication, hard work and a lot of love and devotion towards music, goes into the making of a brilliant plus a successful Disc Jockey!  One of the finest examples of such a complete, power packed personality is DJ King!

DJ King is the first DJ ever to play Percussions while Deejaying; the reputation of which has earned him an ocean of loyal fans across the nation. Such exceptional qualities of DJ King have rightly paved his way from Deejaying to Music Production.

When it comes to music, you will constantly find him toying around, trying something unusual and dynamic; keeping in mind the aggressive demands of the ever crazy party animals. DJ King’s popularity escalated with his mysterious manner of shuffling diverse tunes, to create some wild and extraordinary music for his dancing patrons.


His album earlier this year, ‘Aaj ki Raat – Retro Recall’, which is an authentic re-creation of retro tracks, obviously received a stunning response instantly. But has that made DJ King sit back and relax? Never!

Coming soon…

DJ King can never sit back…he believes in giving more to the people who adore him! And guess what?? He is back… and all set to launch another masterpiece to treasure, with his next super sound track, ‘Ishq Bimari’, an original and a rather unique creation, right from the bottom of his humble soul!

So gear up for some fantastic love treats for your music-obsessed ears, kyonki, ‘Ishq Bimaari’ hai dost!


It is rightly said that, what you give, comes back to you…multifold! All of DJ King’s efforts on music are purely dedicated for his non-profit charitable institute, Omatra, which is greatly powered by the vision to protect, educate and empower the girl child. This overwhelmingly gentle side of the King, makes you ponder about the truly selfless attitude of a maestro who believes in the power of giving, when you are the given!


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